Brielle + Adam's sunset proposal at the LoPresti Park in East Boston was Beautiful and Magical.

Adam arrived earlier to finish the design for the evening and I got to collaborate with him on the set up.

I have never been prouder to be a Boston resident as I was this evening; while I was waiting for the lovely couple to arrive, they were a lot of people passing by, most of them stopped by to ask questions and admire the beautiful set, while others were trying to hang around and take pictures of the city scape + around. I was able to persuade those wanting to hang around and take pictures that the spot was reserved for the beautiful couple. And I was so grateful they happily walked away after complimenting the set up and listening to my plea. #Bostoniansrock!

The beautiful couple arrived and I hid behind the rocks to capture a number shots until the stunning Brielle said YES!

I had so much fun getting to witness and capture this precious evening.

We lost light quickly after the sun went down but we made the most of the evening!

Congratulations on your engagement, Brielle + Adam!